The Art Of…Sol Searching.

feb sunrise egrets

“So when the sun meets the sky, Gonna take a ride, get to where I do…” -Eric Johnson.

There’s a comfort in knowing that routine in nature is one of the most powerful forces in the known…and unknown universe.  Nature has a way of forcing it upon us daily with the rising of the sun.  And that is the Great Routine, even for folks who “don’t do routine’s”.

The promise of a brand new dayIMG_3904

No matter what each of us has going on in our lives, one thing is guaranteed…the Sun will rise again.  (at least for the next few million years).

Ive spent the better part of the past year taking every opportunity I get to photograph, as well as to just be part of the first rays of Nature’s Grand Routine.  Sol to soul.

I’ve mentioned in previous scribblings the importance of living life to it’s fullest and how important it is to live between our collective “bookends”…and nothing helps me begin a new day of “the between” than being a part of a sunrise.

A sunrise is like a snowflake…there are and never will be two exactly alike.  Which is a microcosm and great analogy for life.  No day, no moment will ever be exactly alike.  Especially when you break it down to the “molecules”.

A lot of photographers (including this Lake Charles photographer) begin raving and drooling like rabid dogs at the thought of capturing the perfect sunrise…out west…with the canyons, mountains, and natural arches, and the what not.  But, damn…we have some amazing scenes here!!  And i’m taking advantage of that “snow-flake” thingy every chance i get.IMG_0995

Photographing the sunrise here in Southwest Louisiana can be a struggle at times. Humidity, excessive fog, rain, and the unofficial yet official state bird of Louisiana, the mosquito. But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I love being a photographer here in Lake Charles, Louisiana.



If you would like to order a print of any of PerrinStudios‘ Southwest Louisiana sunrise photos…or any of our nature, landscape, or Louisiana scenes, all ya have to do is contact me.  You can send an email to, or call or text 337-304-5599.  To ensure the highest quality possible, We print locally through PhotoTek of Lake Charles.  We offer various print sizes, styles, medium, as well as photographic gifts such as coffee mugs, photo books, etc.

We also shoot portraits, models, weddings, events and so much more!!  Just give us a holler/yodel/shout/wassup/bonjour/ola…or whatever euphemism you choose!

Now, get out there and enjoy the routine.  And remember, there’s nothing routine about it!!


Ps…Current listening obsession: Luther Dickinson’s “Blues & Ballads (A Folk Singer’s Songbook), Vols. I & II.  Check it out.

The Art Of…Sol Searching.

The Art Of…Heart Attacks and Pelicans.

“Mr. Perrin, you are having a heart attack…”  IMG_0638

It was the last week of October, and the last thing I thought I would hear as Nurses and Emergency room technicians scurried around an overweight 42 year old who had spent the better part of the past few years merely existing.

The previous days had seen the continuation of a mundane routine filled out with fried chicken for breakfast, double meat burger for lunch and dinner…and an unhealthy supply of sleepless nights followed by sporadically active moments (this is the understatement of the century) and epic slothfulness, all while plotting to take over the world of photography with general awesomeness from the comfort of a broken down recliner.  What could possibly go wrong?

The morning of my cardio event (general term for a big medical word and classed up, less scary term for ‘Heart Attack’), I came home from my radio news job and decided to lay down because i wasn’t feeling up to par.  About 5 minutes into my routine, I noticed a little pain in my chest.  Not thinking much of it, but remembering countless commercials for warning signs, I decided to head to the doctor to let him check me out.  About half way to his office, I realized that I was not in the best way.  In fact, I was in serious trouble.  I pulled into a hospital here in Lake Charles, which had gone through a recent name change and ownership.  It was called Lake Area Medical Center…and that little hospital SAVED MY LIFE.

I spent 6 days in LAMC‘s ICU…where I received the care and attention normally reserved for heads of state and Arabian prince’s at world renown facilities.  I cannot understate what an amazing staff they have from the Doctors and Nurses, to the Techs, specialists, custodial, and especially the administration.  I’m just a guy who had a heart attack…and they treated me like humans should treat each other.  Respect, Care, and Compassion.

The few months since have been a learning process.  Not necessarily having to relearn life skills…but learning the true meaning of living a life.

I took a few weeks away from the camera.  Away from PerrinStudios.  Away from worry.  Away from existence.  I wanted to learn to live.  I began to look around again…not only at the big picture, but at the small things.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” –John Lennon.

I found myself, about a month or so ago, picking up my camera again and going down to a boat launch about 4 miles from my house.  I stepped to the back side of the main building to find a few pelicans had decided to chill out after, what i can only assume was an epic pelican party. That’s where I met “Gus”.

gus for mug

“Strangers passing in the street, by chance two separate glances meet..” –Gilmour/Wright/Mason/Waters.

Out of the 15-20 pelicans who were in various states of “chill”…Gus had it right.  Gus had the answer.  This pelican gets me.

What is it about the right moment in time, the right place, right atmosphere, right vibe, that can alter the course of existence and steer one onto the road of living?  Because that’s what Gus and all of his buddies have done for me.  Every weekend since, i’ve found myself…camera in hand…visiting Gus and his posse.  Every weekend, there’s a different angle, different light, different poses, etc…  It’s what has brought life back to me.  As simple as it sounds, a small thing like a pelican chilling out on a dock, has made a difference to me and to my attitude towards life, photography, art, and everything in between.  So, here’s to Gus!!!  I raise a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper to you (since I don’t drink, and since regular Dr. Pepper might end me.).

IMG_7911-2On one of my early trips to visit the ole boy, I found there were a few more Pelican’s hanging about than normal.  Under normal circumstances…and pre late October…I would have decided to head back home because “how many photos can I take of pelican’s chilling out?”  Well, my new desire and love of all things life, kept me around just watching them.  After a short time, a boat pulled up to the dock…the Pelican’s began to stir.  My spidey senses began to tingle.  Something was electric.  Something was about to happen.

A frenzy is the most appropriate description of the Pelican’s reaction to the fisherman who emerged from the boat and began to filet his catch.  I ran to the edge of the dock where 20-30 Pelicans began to frantically fly about, fighting for fish scraps tossed away by the man.  There I was, in the middle of Pelican chaos…and I was smiling and clicking the shutter as fast as my Canon 6D would shoot.  IMG_8669

The result was some of my favorite photographs i’ve  taken.  But the BIG pay off was being a part of something I never thought I would even care about while i was busy just existing.

I’ve been sober for close to four and a half years, and i’m grateful for every second…but it took that late October Myocardial infarction (there’s your $20 word) for me to realize life is more than existence.  It’s to be lived.  And to me, living means taking time to wait for the frenzy.


Next up…The Art of…Sol.

PS…Pelicans can be a bit testy.  So, keep safety in mind…ALWAYS.

PS again…Almonds and Yogurt.  Yes please!

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The Art Of…Heart Attacks and Pelicans.